We always want to see you learning as a Worship Arts volunteer, so we’ve created this Resources page so you can continue to develop your musicianship skills at home during the week. And if you have any resources that you’ve found helpful, make sure to let us know!

Stay tuned as we update this page with more and more great resources for you!

General Resources:

MusicTheory – This is possibly the greatest music theory website ever created. From complete beginner to music major, this website will take you where you’re at and get you to the next step. Singers can practice ear-training and sight-singing, guitar players can practice fretboard memorization, and so much more. There is a ton here for every kind and level of musician and it is well organized and taught. Spend time here every week and learn something new! It makes music theory so simple, and music theory is crucial to great bands and singers.


Interval Training – Here’s a great start for improving your pitch. Combine this with some basic staff training and you’ll be on your way to sight-singing your pieces in no time!



MainStage 3 Overview – Here is a quick overview of the layout and navigation of MainStage 3, our keyboard program.


Simple Guide to EQ  – This is a good series of seven videos that will give you a solid understanding of what EQ is and how to use it effectively.

Simple Guide to Compression – This is another great series from Graham at It does a nice job explaining compression and how to use it. He works specifically with recording, not live audio, so feel free to skip videos 4 and 6 in this series. They won’t do much for live audio. They rest are helpful for live audio or recording!

Sound Gym – Just like singers and musicians need ear training, sound engineers do too. This website lets you practice hearing different EQ, volume, and pan settings. Your training develops as you do, making this website a super valuable tool for sound engineers of all levels.