Why? Why a blog? Why one more thing to have to stay up-to-date on?

I visited another church with my future in-laws over the weekend, and the pastor talked about serving. He talked about who we serve and why we serve. A perfect topic for us in the Worship Arts department. You have volunteered in this department because you want to serve the Lord by serving the members of this congregation (I hope).

But in order to serve, you must have something to give, and you won’t have anything to give if you are constantly on empty. It is easy to be on empty, but it is a necessity, when pouring into the lives of others, that you are constantly being filled.

And that is the purpose of this blog. We want to open up an avenue where you can come and be filled. We want to create a place where you can grow spiritually (as well as musically) so that you can then pour yourselves out to the congregation and fill them.



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